DUPLANO, Projectos e Obras de Engenharia Civil, Lda., founded in 1988, is a company with a vast experience in the conception, coordination, inspection and management of housing, industrial, commercial and service projects. DUPLANO is a company certified by APCER, since 2011, in accordance with the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015, covering all the company’s activities: Architecture and Engineering Projects, Inspection, Coordination, Management and Security Coordination in Construction Site.



  • Architecture,
    Technical Installations,
    Telecommunications Installations,
    Fire Safety,
    Compressed Air,
    Industrial Licensing
  • Survey of project needs and specificities
  • Coordinated elaboration of all specialty projects, by a multidisciplinary team of specialized technicians
  • Licensing and monitoring in the respective entities
  • Industrial licensing
  • Execution projects, studies, measurements, specifications and tender programs

In Project

  • Analysis of the solutions presented by the designers, issuing technical opinions and presenting alternative solutions in order to optimize costs and deadlines.
  • Compatibility of all execution projects.
  • Assistance in the tendering phase of the works and analysis of the proposals submitted by competitors.

In Construction Site

  • Supervision and coordination of all works in order to verify the completion of the works within the foreseen deadline and compliance with partial key dates.
  • Ensuring a smooth execution of the work and compliance with the work plan.
    Supervising, together with the project part, the progress of the work, in order to guarantee the conformity of the works with the documents object of the contract of the work in question.
  • Assess any justifiable delay in relation to the terms established in the contract.
  • Verify and approve compliance in all measurement records submitted by the contractor for payment.
  • Check and establish all costs related to approved changes to the project, in the event that they become necessary.
  • Establish the final accounts of the work in order to allow receipt of the same.
  • Organize the final inspection program and identify all construction and/or finishing defects and provide a list of defects, if any.
  • Organize the final inspection program of the technical installations and the respective test tests.
  • Monitor and control all the safety conditions under which the works of the work are carried out, promptly proposing all measures deemed pertinent.
  • Carry out monthly and whenever justifiable reports describing the conditions of safety, hygiene and health at work and compliance with the respective rules.