DUPLANO is a company dedicated to the elaboration of architectural projects, engineering projects and inspection. Prioritizing the continuous improvement of its activity, it follows a strategic guideline supported by the following pillars:

  • To be recognized as a company that invests in the quality of the services it provides, guaranteeing overall customer satisfaction;
  • To be perceived as a trustworthy and credible company before its customers and the surrounding market;
  • To be a competitive company in the market, complying with all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business area;
  • Commit to the involvement, motivation and professional enhancement of its employees;
  • Ensure partnership relationships with your suppliers.

Quality Objectives

DUPLANO is guided by the following strategic objectives:

  • Guide its activity towards meeting the needs and requirements of its customers and applicable legal and regulatory requirements, offering innovative solutions with high added value;
  • Stimulate the constant improvement of the knowledge and skills of its Employees.
  • Maintain an attitude of honesty and ethics, personal and professional;
  • Establish a committed relationship with all its Shareholders, Employees, Customers and Suppliers, in order to guarantee the company’s economic and financial sustainability;
  • Continuously improve all its processes, with a view to continuously improving its effectiveness and developing innovative methodologies, adapted to the needs of its customers;
  • Internally apply the best management practices by involving all employees and encouraging personal creativity, versatility, responsibility and individual adaptability;
  • Develop a strong company that stands out for its multiplicity and level of skills, its ability to exceed expectations and its willingness to accept new challenges.

Quality Seals